Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I understand some of you out there may not be a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re spending the day alone, or you’re on a diet and can’t stand to be around all the sugar and sweets, or maybe you simply hate the color pink. Well, I’m not going to gasp and tell you you’re crazy or chase you around like an overly cheery Cupid with a bow and arrow. However, I will say this one thing…

You’re looking at it all wrong.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It isn’t all about pink hearts and candy necklaces. Think of it more as a mini-vacation from reality. This is how I prefer to think of most holidays. Like Halloween. And St. Patrick’s Day. And my birthday. And most Fridays…

So even if you’re stuck at work all day, try to remember that you are also on your mini-vacation. Should you eat that extra piece of chocolate? Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! Should you buy that gorgeous purse you’ve had your eye on since Christmas? Why not? It’s Valentines Day! Should you really order another pink martini? Or three? Of course!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

So even if you think you’re not spending the day with anyone special, you are! You’re spending the day with you! And don’t you deserve to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day? I think so. Be your own Valentine.

That said, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Smile. Embrace the pink hearts and candy necklaces. And don’t count your calories. Seriously.

Savannah Renée



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Featured Etsian: Bullet Designs

Thinking back to Alec’s proposal on our anniversary last month, I realized I never shared what I got him. Now, of course it was no diamond ring (how am I supposed to top that one?!), but I still think my gift to him was pretty cool, and he does too.

Awhile back, I was searching the internet for the perfect anniversary gift. What do you get for a guy who claims to have everything he wants? Last year I got him a personalized guitar pick, which he loved. But this year I was stumped.

That’s when I came across these beauties…



I knew these awesome cufflinks were perfect the second I saw them! The shop, Bullet Designs on Etsy, is full of creative alternatives from the usual suspects when it comes to gift ideas. They have cufflinks, earrings, money clips… you name it!

So, if you’re looking for something a little different to give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, definitely check out Bullet Designs. Heck, these would even make some killer groomsmen gifts!


Happy Shopping!