My Scarf Obsession

I love scarves.

And though I love them, I don’t believe I wear them quite often enough. My coworker, Courtney, wears these beautiful scarves nearly every day and it has awaken me to the idea that I have been neglecting mine.

Today I am wearing one given to me for Christmas by my fiancé, Alec. It is a sheer, sequin embellished scarf from Target (they have a pretty amazing selection of fashionable scarves there year-round… I love Target). I adore this scarf. Also, Alec is a great listener because I’m pretty sure I swooned over this scarf for weeks before Christmas, refusing to buy it for myself as I was adhering to my strict “no gifts for self after Thanksgiving” rule. So, as you can imagine, Christmas morning I was a happy girl.

You know another great place to find some lovely scarves? Etsy. Granted, Etsy is a great place to find pretty much anything vintage or handmade these days. I could, and have, spent many hours at a time on Etsy, just wandering around from shop to shop. In recent years, I have done a large amount of my Christmas shopping on the site as well. So easy.

Anyway, I was wandering around the shops this morning and added a few pretty things to my favorites list:

Here’s a lovely, ruffly number. It is from SenasShop and has the fantastic price of only $19.90.

Love it.

This hand painted beauty is from TeresaMare… in Greece! Isn’t it stunning?

I am in love with this color. Actually, it would almost perfectly match the walls in our living room.

This one is from JANNYSGIRL.

This one is actually text from Les Mis! Amazing, right? There are lots of similarly fantastic items in the storiarts shop.

And finally, I want this one so bad. What is it about Chevrons that does this to me?

This one is from MegansMenagerie.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed checking out these great scarves! Are you a scarf person? Describe your favorite one to me or share a link in the comments to your current obsession!

On a side note, I may not sell scarves, but I have other pretty items to adorn your neck! Check them out in my shop on Etsy and use the coupon code BLOG5 for 5% your purchase!

Happy Shopping!



I’m in a good mood lately. Better than good. Fantastic.

Maybe it’s all the wedding talk, maybe it’s the mimosas, maybe it’s this gorgeous ring on my hand…

Either way, it’s really made me want to share my happiness! And what better way to spread the joy than with an awesome give-away contest?!

So this weekend, between now and Monday morning at 11:00, these beauties are up for grabs!


These gorgeous earrings feature two, intricately wire-wrapped stones in a stunning pink hue. These earrings are beautiful, long dangles and measure approximately 2″ in length. They were featured in the Savannah Renée shop on Etsy for $24 but between now and Monday, you have a chance to get them for FREE, FREE, FREE! Sound like a good deal? I think so, too.

So what do you have to do to get in on this contest?

It’s easy, really!

All you have to do is follow these three, simple steps!

  1. Comment on this post. Nothing special required, write whatever you feel like writing!
  2. Follow this blog! Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Follow!”
  3. “Like” the Savannah Renée page on Facebook.

See, easy!

Monday morning the contest will end, I will check to make sure you all have been good and followed the steps, then I will draw the winner… the old fashioned way, from a hat! I will notify the winner and get shipping info to send you your prize!

Now, get to commenting, following, and liking!

Ready… set… GO!

Hello, Old Friends…

Yes, I’m Still Here

I have just been super busy. I apologize. 

However, you may be interested in the variety of things that made me so busy! Well, for starters, I just sent out a package to one of my favorite customers the other day, which was very exciting. AND, being that she was the first customer for my sale, I got to make her a pair of earrings as a free gift! I must say, when I was done with them, I wanted to keep them for myself!


dsc_02831 dsc_02851 dsc_0286 Free gift earrings with matching ring!




What else have I been working on? Well, I was going to wait until the pictures were taken to announce this, but I’m very excited and can’t wait! Since both the ever-so-popular Envy bracelet sold, followed by its sister – Desire – this past weekend, I have decided to create a whole line of bracelets in that same charm bracelet style! They will be in the Etsy shop very soon, maybe even today!

And I have even more news… soon I will be unveiling a new website! I’m currently in the beginning of design stages, but I will be sure to let you know as soon as it is up and running. I will still be using both WordPress and the Savannah Renée shop on Etsy, but I’m hoping the new website will provide:

  • A more detailed profile on the Savannah Renée jewelry line
  • An extensive gallery of every item, both sold and available, including custom pieces
  • Easy access to this WordPress for updates, the Savannah Renée Etsy Shop for happy shopping, and an opportunity to join the mailing list so you are never out of the loop on a sale or new collection

So be sure to check back often for more news about the new website!

And in other news, though unrelated to jewelry, Savannah Renée will *hopefully* soon be getting a puppy. Yes, after years of fighting the urge, I have decided that it is just about time for me to have my own canine companion so I can stop borrowing those of my friends and family. And after five years of debating breeds and sizes, I think I have finally narrowed down my search to the Shiba Inu. After holding and playing with perhaps the softest, sweetest puppy ever, interacting with adults of the breed, watching endless videos on youtube, reading every website and testimonial I come across… I just can’t seem to tear myself away from the thought of having my very own Shiba. Thoughts?


Now, back to jewelry… I’m off to take pictures!


Savannah Renée

Third Page Items

Sale Still Going!

The awesome third page sale is still going on, and you could still be the one to win a free pair of earrings!!! Be the first to make any purchase in my shop on or after Monday, March 30th and I will send you a surprise pair of earrings with your order! After that first purchase, anyone who spends 40 dollars or more will also receive a surprise pair of earrings!

Now, check out those third page items! Here are a few:

Just click on an image to visit the item’s page in my shop!

Paris Love Earrrings

Joon Earrings

Almost Autumn Necklace

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit the Savannah Renée Etsy Shop soon and take advantage of this great sale! Happy shopping!


Savannah Renée

Exciting News…

Envy Sold!!!

This morning I woke up to two sales. One, my very first item listed, the Raining in Seattle Earrings. The other, my most viewed item, the Envy Bracelet!

Raining in Seattle Envy

Since selling Envy just this morning, I have already had a few requests to make the popular bracelet again! 

Envy’s sister, Desire, is still up for sale in my shop, so don’t forget to go check her out!


And remember that I also welcome custom orders, so if you would like your very own Envy, let me know!

Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée



Other recently sold items:

Savvy Pink Pearl Almost Autumn P.S. So Savvy Pins

A note…

About working with glass pearls


Good morning everyone! I’m sure you have noticed that lately I have been working with a lot of glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. I’ll tell you why: 

Truth is, though glass pearls and Swarovski crystals may be on the more expensive end as far as materials go, there is something truly rewarding about working with quality components. Now, I could go on all day about Swarovski crystals, but I’ll leave that for a different time and focus on why I enjoy making new pieces with glass pearls almost every day.

When you pick up a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings, you can tell a lot just by the weight of it. A pearl necklace may look like a nice, solid piece of jewelry on display at a department store, but when you pick it up you can tell immediately what those pearls are made out of. More often than not: plastic. That is one of the reasons I love working with glass pearls. When I finish a necklace, I just love picking it up and feeling the weight of it in my hands. Oh, I can’t even describe how good it feels!

Aside from being a solid alternative to plastic pearls, I have also found that glass pearls tend to be more brilliant than plastic and therefore tend to look closer to the real thing. And, while I will admit that real pearls are infinitely better than glass pearls (who doesn’t agree with that?), working with glass pearls allows me to offer a wide variety of beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. So whether you are looking for a nice pearl necklace for your wedding day, an over-the-top multi stranded piece to stand out, or just some simple, classic earrings, you won’t be limited to poor quality or high prices if you go with glass pearls from my shop!

Here are some items in the Savannah Renée Etsy shop made with glass pearls. Click on each item to view this listing, a description, and more pictures!

Daisy Buchanan Bracelet Daisy Buchanan Earrings Ardis Bracelet Sophie and Olivia


And coming soon…

coming soon! coming soon! coming soon! coming soon!

As always, happy shopping!


Savannah Renée

Special Preview…

Sneak Peek!

Soon to be added to the Savannah Renée Etsy shop are a collection of dazzling new necklaces featuring a wide range of colored glass pearls, stunning Swarovski crystals, and bright, silky ribbons!

Here is a special preview of what you will see on Etsy soon!



Come see…

New! New! New!

Hello Everyone!

Like I said in my last post, over the past couple weeks I have been busy, busy, busy making some new items and as promised, several of them are now up in the Savannah Renée Etsy Shop! If you visit my site today, you will see a bunch of new and exciting pieces, some reflecting previous work and some that are brand new and oh-so-different! 

First, let me introduce Madison’s Net. Inspired by Story, this bracelet is an intricately woven mixture of freshwater pearls, crystals, rose quartz, and a variety of other materials in golds and pinks. Featuring a mermaid toggle clasp, can you guess where this bracelet got its name?


Inspired by the ever-so-popular Envy bracelet, the Desire bracelet and earrings were created. My three words to describe these? Sparkly, fun, flirtatious. How would you describe them?


Be sure to visit the shop to see the many other new items that have joined the Savannah Renée collection! Also, don’t forget to check out the What’s New and Featured pages for something sparkly!

As always…

Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée

End of February Sale!


Hello everyone! Thanks for giving me an awesome first month on Etsy! I get so excited every time my views go up or I see someone else has given my hearts! 🙂

After the 1st of March, I will be going out of town for a bit and while I will still be able to process and ship orders, I thought now would be a great time to show some customer appreciation! That said, between now and Sunday, March 1st at 10pm Pacific Time, I will be offering FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ITEM!


In addition, I have temporarily lowered the prices on several of my items, including some great reductions on my most popular pieces! The discounts run anywhere from $2 to $10!

So please take a look around my shop, and as always, happy shopping!
Savannah Renée

Envy Bracelet: was $35 now only $30 plus FREE Shipping!dsc_0798