Have You Tried These? You should.


These elastic hair ties are awesome. They won’t damage or break your hair, they won’t leave that horrible crease that just screams “ponytail!” They are basically magic.


Okay, maybe not magic. Exactly. But they are as close as a hair tie can get.

These things are quite popular lately. You can find them at your local gym, your yoga studio, even at trendy retail stores. Thing is, as awesome as they are, they can be really expensive. I’m not kidding. One particularly popular retail chain is selling them for over $2 a piece! A piece!

If you’re like me, you probably consider that to be a little ridiculous. I mean, they are really cute and everything, but they are hair ties after all. How many of these do you lose on a regular basis? Mine, no matter how hard I try to keep them hidden, inevitably become cat toys. So spending over $2 for one seems a little excessive to me.

That said, I’m excited to say that I am now offering these fantastic little accessories in my Etsy shop


Here, you can purchase the ties for much lower prices. Don’t spend two bucks at the gym just because you forgot your boring old elastic band at home. Plan ahead! In my shop, you can currently purchase the ties in various color themes and three different quantities:

6 for $5.00, 13 for $10.00, and 27 for $20.00

Less than a dollar each. Even better? The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

So head on over and get some for yourself!

Happy Shopping!

Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I understand some of you out there may not be a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re spending the day alone, or you’re on a diet and can’t stand to be around all the sugar and sweets, or maybe you simply hate the color pink. Well, I’m not going to gasp and tell you you’re crazy or chase you around like an overly cheery Cupid with a bow and arrow. However, I will say this one thing…

You’re looking at it all wrong.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It isn’t all about pink hearts and candy necklaces. Think of it more as a mini-vacation from reality. This is how I prefer to think of most holidays. Like Halloween. And St. Patrick’s Day. And my birthday. And most Fridays…

So even if you’re stuck at work all day, try to remember that you are also on your mini-vacation. Should you eat that extra piece of chocolate? Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! Should you buy that gorgeous purse you’ve had your eye on since Christmas? Why not? It’s Valentines Day! Should you really order another pink martini? Or three? Of course!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

So even if you think you’re not spending the day with anyone special, you are! You’re spending the day with you! And don’t you deserve to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day? I think so. Be your own Valentine.

That said, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Smile. Embrace the pink hearts and candy necklaces. And don’t count your calories. Seriously.

Savannah Renée



Just in case you’re looking to spoil yourself with some sparkle today, you can enjoy 10% off your entire purchase in my Etsy shop with the coupon code BeMyValentine. To quote my favorite show… Treat yo’self!

My Scarf Obsession

I love scarves.

And though I love them, I don’t believe I wear them quite often enough. My coworker, Courtney, wears these beautiful scarves nearly every day and it has awaken me to the idea that I have been neglecting mine.

Today I am wearing one given to me for Christmas by my fiancé, Alec. It is a sheer, sequin embellished scarf from Target (they have a pretty amazing selection of fashionable scarves there year-round… I love Target). I adore this scarf. Also, Alec is a great listener because I’m pretty sure I swooned over this scarf for weeks before Christmas, refusing to buy it for myself as I was adhering to my strict “no gifts for self after Thanksgiving” rule. So, as you can imagine, Christmas morning I was a happy girl.

You know another great place to find some lovely scarves? Etsy. Granted, Etsy is a great place to find pretty much anything vintage or handmade these days. I could, and have, spent many hours at a time on Etsy, just wandering around from shop to shop. In recent years, I have done a large amount of my Christmas shopping on the site as well. So easy.

Anyway, I was wandering around the shops this morning and added a few pretty things to my favorites list:

Here’s a lovely, ruffly number. It is from SenasShop and has the fantastic price of only $19.90.

Love it.

This hand painted beauty is from TeresaMare… in Greece! Isn’t it stunning?

I am in love with this color. Actually, it would almost perfectly match the walls in our living room.

This one is from JANNYSGIRL.

This one is actually text from Les Mis! Amazing, right? There are lots of similarly fantastic items in the storiarts shop.

And finally, I want this one so bad. What is it about Chevrons that does this to me?

This one is from MegansMenagerie.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed checking out these great scarves! Are you a scarf person? Describe your favorite one to me or share a link in the comments to your current obsession!

On a side note, I may not sell scarves, but I have other pretty items to adorn your neck! Check them out in my shop on Etsy and use the coupon code BLOG5 for 5% your purchase!

Happy Shopping!


I’m in a good mood lately. Better than good. Fantastic.

Maybe it’s all the wedding talk, maybe it’s the mimosas, maybe it’s this gorgeous ring on my hand…

Either way, it’s really made me want to share my happiness! And what better way to spread the joy than with an awesome give-away contest?!

So this weekend, between now and Monday morning at 11:00, these beauties are up for grabs!


These gorgeous earrings feature two, intricately wire-wrapped stones in a stunning pink hue. These earrings are beautiful, long dangles and measure approximately 2″ in length. They were featured in the Savannah Renée shop on Etsy for $24 but between now and Monday, you have a chance to get them for FREE, FREE, FREE! Sound like a good deal? I think so, too.

So what do you have to do to get in on this contest?

It’s easy, really!

All you have to do is follow these three, simple steps!

  1. Comment on this post. Nothing special required, write whatever you feel like writing!
  2. Follow this blog! Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Follow!”
  3. “Like” the Savannah Renée page on Facebook.

See, easy!

Monday morning the contest will end, I will check to make sure you all have been good and followed the steps, then I will draw the winner… the old fashioned way, from a hat! I will notify the winner and get shipping info to send you your prize!

Now, get to commenting, following, and liking!

Ready… set… GO!

And the exciting month of June continues!


Yesterday morning I added another brand new item to the Savannah Renée shop on Etsy! Arguably the most extravagant piece in the shop to date, Isabelle is an extremely long, couture style necklace featuring a variety of glass pearls and crystals. Here she is:
Isabelle... on my dress form "Betty"

Glass pearls, Swarovski Crystals

For more information on Isabelle, to see more photos, or to purchase simply click on a photo or click here to be taken to this item’s page in the Savannah Renée shop!

For now I am off to the beads and wire, then some Father’s Day BBQ! Yum…

Have a great day and Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée

New Creations

The First June Listings

If you haven’t been to the Savannah Renée shop on Etsy recently, you’ve missed out on witnessing the arrival of some exciting new pieces! But don’t worry, there is still time to check them out! Along with the renewal of several older listings, there have been four brand new additions to the Savannah Renée jewelry collection so far this June… with many more to come! Yes, the shop is about to see a cascade of pearls, crystals, chains, and ribbon… and even the premier of a whole new collection: Bridal Jewelry!

But before we get too excited about things to come, let’s take a look at these four new pieces, shall we?

Introducing… Rainbow Rock Candy, Kailua, Peridona, and last but certainly not least Elegance, With Wings

Rainbow Rock Candy Earrings

Kailua Earrings

Peridona Bracelet

Elegance, With Wings Necklace

Simply click on the image to visit an item’s page in the Savannah Renée Etsy shop for more pictures and information or to purchase!

Looks like June is off to a good start and believe me, the best is yet to come!

Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée

Featured Items from My Favorites Page!

I Just Couldn’t Wait…

So this morning I said to check back soon for a special feature post! Well, I was looking around on my Favorites page and decided I just couldn’t wait! My Favorites page on Etsy is full of great items and sellers and there were a few (or more) that I am excited to share with you!

First off, you have to check out the awesome rings from Brilynn! Brilynn is a husband and wife team – Brian and Lynn – that sells jewelry made with intricate glass beads. The beauty of these pieces just blows me away! Perhaps even more impressive is that Lynn makes these incredible glass beads herself, melting glass into flowers with a torch! This lovely pink and yellow ring is my personal favorite: il_430xN.75410748

Now, you may think I am slightly bias since Susan, the creative genius behind OhHiLucy, is my mother… but there is no denying that the critters in her shop are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! In this shop you can find cute little stuffies, intricately needle felted creations, bright birdy pins, and my favorite… awesome, bamboo stuffed, ecofelt keychains! This cute little owl is my (current) favorite!


Speaking of needle felted awesomeness… if you love llamas, you are going to adore tcllamas on Etsy! Donna of Twin Creek Llamas creates a variety of unique llama jewelry as well as some great needle felted llamas made with wool from her own llamas!!! How cool is that?! I really have nothing else to say about this great shop, as Lenny the Lazy Llama really speaks for himself:


I am a bit of a purse addict and when I found the Davie and Chiyo Etsy shop, I fell in love! If you are looking for a beautiful summer clutch to ad to your wardrobe, this is the place to come. The creators of this fabulous shop, Himi and Fumi, use elegant, often one-of-a-kind fabrics to produce some of the most beautiful purses I have ever seen. I have already favorited quite a few of these creations, but this one with a gorgeaous coral bow really stands out!

il_430xN.74601705Well, I hope you enjoy looking through these wonderful Etsy shops! Maybe you’ll find something you just have to have! I have so many favorites, you’ll probably be seeing more of them on here soon! Until then, happy shopping!


Savannah Renée

On Sale Now



All Earrings!




That’s right, I’m having another sale! This time, every pair of earrings in the Savannah Renée Etsy shop has been marked down. The savings vary from pair to pair, so you really have to check out the sale for yourself to understand the incredible deals I’m offering! Below are some examples of what you will find in the shop today.


 Delicious Autumn ~ Originally $18 ~ Now $15 Rule Number 76 ~ Originally $12 ~ Now $10 Welcome Spring ~ Originally $10 ~ Now $8 The Gossip ~ Originally $12 ~ Now $10 Sophie and Olivia ~ Originally $20 ~ Now $15 Splendor ~ Originally $20 ~ Now $15 Just click on a picture to visit the item in the shop for more information, pictures, and to purchase!

In addition to this incredibly HUGE sale, I’m also running another exciting promotion! Right now, when you spend $50 or more in the Savannah Renée Etsy shop, I will create a surprise gift just for you! And this is in addition to the free gift I send out with every item! The surprise item you receive will have a value of at least $18 and will be made to match an item in your order! To learn more about this special promotion, visit my shop here, and read the shop announcement! 

Both the earring sale and the special gift promotion will end soon, so be sure to place your orders today!

Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée

Don’t Forget!

Sign Up For An Etsy Account!


That’s right, I want you to become a fellow Etsian! 

Why should you sign up? Well, for one – it makes shopping on Etsy so much easier! Once you have signed up, you create a profile, add items and sellers to your Favorites section, chat in the forums and much more! Plus, you need an Etsy account to make a purchase, so why not be ahead of the game?

Another good reason to sign up for an Etsy account is to open your very own Etsy shop! Have a creative streak and want to put your talents out there for all to see (and buy!)? Then create a seller’s account on Etsy!

So head over to Etsy and register!!! Click here to go straight to the registration page! If you want to list me as a referrer, my username is SavannahRenee. After you are done registering, head on over to my shop and say hello!

Happy Shopping/Selling!


Savannah Renée

Other Recent Work

A Couple Custom Pieces

The other things I have been working on recently are custom pieces. I recently completed another custom eyeglass chain which will go up today as my first Savannah Renée Etsy shop custom listing! Here is a preview of the item!

Custom Listing

Another project I completed recently was actually one for myself! You know, I have to keep something every once in awhile! Actually, this item I made for myself as a sort-of test item. There isn’t anything like this in the Savannah Renée Etsy shop yet, but there should be soon! Introducing my first cocktail ring!

Cocktail Ring

This ring is extra large and extra shiny! Made with an adjustable silver plated ring base and 6mm Swarovski Crystals. I will be keeping this particular ring for myself, but you should expect to see rings in this same style in my shop soon!

Comments, as always, are more than welcome!

Happy Shopping!


Savannah Renée