Here’s to Looking Your Best When You’re Feeling Your Worst

This morning has not been my morning.

After having the flu for almost two weeks, my body is just not recovering as quickly as I’d like it to. I got out of bed this morning, put the coffee on, and got in the shower – my usual morning routine. What is not part of my usual morning routine, however, is standing in the shower with my head against the wall and my eyes closed, trying to remember if that is shampoo or conditioner (or possibly Dove body wash?) in my hair. When I got out of the shower, I went back to bed – wet hair and all – and called in late to work… twice.

I needed a pick-me-up. I needed it badly.

When I finally ventured out of bed, several alarms and snooze reprieves later, I wasn’t feeling much better. Nevertheless, I poured myself a cup of coffee and got to the task of applying my makeup, drying my hair, and picking out my clothes for the day. At this point, I was running way behind schedule. So my plan was this: successfully cover up the yellowy, greenish “sick” look with some foundation and call it good, dry my hair just enough to avoid turning the flu into walking pneumonia (forget about styling), and throw on the comfiest clothes I could still manage to pass off as “work” attire.

Well, my foundation went on really smooth. Like incredibly smooth. I’m going to attribute this to the fact that I’m fairly certain I washed my face at least twice in the shower, another clue to my state of mind this morning. Considering that my foundation looked so nice, I figured it would be a waste of a smooth foundation day to not finish the look off with at least a little light eyeshadow and some mascara.

Next I dried my hair. I didn’t even use a hairbrush. I threw my head upside down and had at it with the hair dryer for about five minutes. I figured a pony tail would be in order, maybe even a messy bun (what’s on the outside of my head should match what’s on the inside, right?). But when I flipped my head up, I was pleasantly surprised. My hair was perfectly straight! Maybe I should wash it with body wash more often?!

Then I threw on my clothes. To be perfectly honest, this required next to no brain power. I opted for a long sweater, skinny jeans, and a pair of boots. As it is supposedly January (the temperature today is 65 degrees) I grabbed my black North Face down vest to keep cozy. What I love about that vest is that even though it is rather warm today, I’m walking around feeling like I’m wearing a pillow. It is almost enough to convince me that I’m still at home, tucked into my bed. My main goal here was comfort. But actually, I was rather surprised with the outcome when I looked in the mirror. I thought, hey, you look pretty put together for someone who practically took a nap in the shower this morning.

It was just the pick-me-up I needed. Never mind that I still feel like I left my brain on the pillow and everything inside me feels a little fuzzy – and not in the I’ve been watching kittens in teacups on youtube sort of way – I look ready for work… Even if I am an hour late.

You may be wondering what the moral of this story is. There isn’t one, really. Just wanted to share that even when it feels like the world is imploding inside your head, sometimes the beauty and fashion fates smile down on you and somehow you still manage to look put together. Don’t worry, no one will notice that your hair smells strangely like pomegranate body wash and that you aren’t really sure what day of the week it is. You can fall apart again when you get home.