About Savannah Renée


… the shop …

The Savannah Renée shop was created out of a burst of energy, and let’s be honest, an attraction to things that sparkle! What started out as one necklace and a pair of earrings turned into a passion literally over night and is now a growing collection of unique handmade and thoughtfully designed items. Each piece is made from materials hand-selected by myself. In any one item you may find materials from store bought glass beads, crystals, and freshwater pearls to unique elements salvaged from older jewelry, found in antique and thrift stores, or even dug out of the long forgotten craft and jewelry boxes of friends and relatives.

… the inspirations …

The inspiration for the Savannah Renée shop comes in many forms from just about every facet of my life. From the bright pink decorations in my bedroom to the subtle eggshell blue dishes in my kitchen. The tastes and influences of all the stylish women in my family. My wardrobe, my friends, my favorite books and movies… nothing is off limits.

Here are just a few of my style influences:
Audrey Hepburn
Betsey Johnson
Kate Spade
Vera Bradley
domino magazine

… the artist …

I was raised on both the west and east coasts, in Washington, Oregon, and Virginia. I grew up surrounded by a great family and fantastic friends and am lucky to say I have never had a lack of support in my life nor in my ambitions. In college I majored in writing and also studied publishing and printing arts following both my love of books and my desire to find more creative outlets. After graduating in May of 2008, I continued writing but began searching for other ways to occupy my new found time. Then one night I sat down to some glass beads, some wire, and a few tools borrowed from my Grandpa’s shop, and that is how all this started.

A little bit more about myself: I absolutely love black and white photos. I have a Paris/Eiffel Tower collection but unfortunately have never even been to France. In fact, the extent of my international travel has been Canada and Scotland… Scotland was fantastic! Pink is my favorite color. And I love dogs.

I hope you enjoy!

Savannah Renée


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