Worth the Wait… J.Crew Warehouse Sale, Take Two

Yesterday being the last Saturday of the month, Alec, Sarah, and I ventured back down to Lynchburg for another round of warehouse sale craziness.

Let me just say that since it was 37 degrees when we got there, we were none too pleased to find that there was a line. Outside. In the cold. Nevertheless, we waited for an hour and a half, all the while telling ourselves that the wait would be worth it once we got inside. Even if we had lost a few toes to frostbite. And then it started to sleet. Yuck.

Still, we waited.

And I’m glad we did. Once we were released into the warehouse I was like a kid in a candy store, shoving items into my plastic garbage bag left and right. I scored a new necklace, a few more bridesmaids dresses to round out the options for my girls, a couple Mother of the Bride possibilities, a dress or two for myself, and some sweet headbands. One of those headbands might even make an appearance on my wedding day. Eighty-five cent bridal accessory? Yes, please!

Above all, my absolute favorite find was this…

Matinee trench

The Matinee Trenchcoat. *EEEeee!* Originally $178, I grabbed this beauty for, let’s see… oh, about 17 bucks. Yup. 17 bucks! I’m thrilled.

All in all, I think yesterday was a success. I may have a hard time convincing Sarah and Alec to go back again next month, but I personally can’t wait. The next sale will be right after my birthday and to me, that sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!

On Raiding Your Boyfriend’s Closet

The purpose of this post is to celebrate my new favorite article of clothing:

The Boyfriend Sweater.

You’ve seen this style before, I’m sure. You can go into nearly any store these days and find a myriad of items named “boyfriend this” and “boyfriend that.” There are “boyfriend shorts” and “boyfriend t-shirts.” Most popularly, there’s the “boyfriend jean.” And yes, there is the “boyfriend sweater.” These articles of clothing are usually a more relaxed fit. Loose. Comfortable. Slightly bigger than what you might normally wear. Something your boyfriend would wear.

Presumably, this idea originated from girls actually wearing their boyfriend’s clothing. Then one day, a lightbulb appeared over the head of some brilliant designer and a new line of women’s clothing was created. Jackpot.

If you think about it, this idea is much the same as purchasing jeans that already have holes in the knees or paint splattered on them. And honestly, call me old-fashioned, but I’ve always kind of thought that was a rip off.

I have to admit though, lately I have bought into this trend. Only not in the way The Gap might prefer. Perhaps it occurred out of boredom with my own wardrobe, or from the desire to be comfortable at work while still appearing “put together.” Or maybe it was the biting cold that caused it. Whatever the reason, something has driven me into dangerous, unfamiliar, and irresistible territory:

My boyfriend’s side of the closet.

Well, in this case I suppose the term “fiancé” would be more appropriate, it just doesn’t sound quite as good (fiancé jeans, fiancé sweater…). Anyway, the point here is that I’m passing up those “boyfriend” style items in the store and going straight for the real thing. And why not? They are worn in, comfortable, and if he doesn’t wake up before I head out the door he never knows the difference! This new habit has led me to realize that his sweaters are often way more comfortable than my own. Plus, it is definitely budget friendly.

Yesterday I threw on one of Alec’s sweaters to wear to work. I was actually surprised to receive multiple compliments from coworkers. After I responded that the sweater actually belonged to my fiancé, one of my girlfriends just shook her head.

“I really need to shop in the men’s section more often,” she replied.

Come to think of it, the last time we went to the J.Crew warehouse sale my girlfriend Sarah bought this men’s sweater that has me envying her every time she wears it. There’s just something about the way she looks in it that just says “I’m so much more comfortable than you right now… and I look way cooler too.”

Sweater envy. That’s what this trend has done to me.

In closing, I think the boyfriend sweater is a great thing. You probably won’t see me at The Gap anytime soon buying a sweater that is a made for a girl, meant to look like it was made for a guy, intended for the girl to look like she stole the sweater from a guy, but also costs more than the guy would have paid for it in the first place… That’s all a little too confusing for me. Instead, I will just continue to raid my man’s closet.

I highly suggest you do the same.

Have You Tried These? You should.


These elastic hair ties are awesome. They won’t damage or break your hair, they won’t leave that horrible crease that just screams “ponytail!” They are basically magic.


Okay, maybe not magic. Exactly. But they are as close as a hair tie can get.

These things are quite popular lately. You can find them at your local gym, your yoga studio, even at trendy retail stores. Thing is, as awesome as they are, they can be really expensive. I’m not kidding. One particularly popular retail chain is selling them for over $2 a piece! A piece!

If you’re like me, you probably consider that to be a little ridiculous. I mean, they are really cute and everything, but they are hair ties after all. How many of these do you lose on a regular basis? Mine, no matter how hard I try to keep them hidden, inevitably become cat toys. So spending over $2 for one seems a little excessive to me.

That said, I’m excited to say that I am now offering these fantastic little accessories in my Etsy shop


Here, you can purchase the ties for much lower prices. Don’t spend two bucks at the gym just because you forgot your boring old elastic band at home. Plan ahead! In my shop, you can currently purchase the ties in various color themes and three different quantities:

6 for $5.00, 13 for $10.00, and 27 for $20.00

Less than a dollar each. Even better? The more you buy, the cheaper they are!

So head on over and get some for yourself!

Happy Shopping!

Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I understand some of you out there may not be a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re spending the day alone, or you’re on a diet and can’t stand to be around all the sugar and sweets, or maybe you simply hate the color pink. Well, I’m not going to gasp and tell you you’re crazy or chase you around like an overly cheery Cupid with a bow and arrow. However, I will say this one thing…

You’re looking at it all wrong.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It isn’t all about pink hearts and candy necklaces. Think of it more as a mini-vacation from reality. This is how I prefer to think of most holidays. Like Halloween. And St. Patrick’s Day. And my birthday. And most Fridays…

So even if you’re stuck at work all day, try to remember that you are also on your mini-vacation. Should you eat that extra piece of chocolate? Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! Should you buy that gorgeous purse you’ve had your eye on since Christmas? Why not? It’s Valentines Day! Should you really order another pink martini? Or three? Of course!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

So even if you think you’re not spending the day with anyone special, you are! You’re spending the day with you! And don’t you deserve to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day? I think so. Be your own Valentine.

That said, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Smile. Embrace the pink hearts and candy necklaces. And don’t count your calories. Seriously.

Savannah Renée



Just in case you’re looking to spoil yourself with some sparkle today, you can enjoy 10% off your entire purchase in my Etsy shop with the coupon code BeMyValentine. To quote my favorite show… Treat yo’self!